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The Queen of Hearts
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Scenes from Mystery's Sixth Anniversary Week

Wednesday May 16th was the middle of Mystery's Sixth Anniversary week.

And at 2PM, following DJ Blacktulip's session on the bottom deck, everyone headed on up.

And on the top deck was live singer Maxx Sabertooth, whom entertained the crowd, including his fans in "Maxx's Mob," with R&B and other songs.

Not sure what happened to Maxx's pants. Seems his "Mob" may have some over-enthusiastic fans.

Following Maxx at three was a singer new to Mystery: Rhiannon Yuhara. She was enough to get Maxx's Mob to stick around for a while.

On Wednesday May 16th at 3PM, following Blacktulip's DJ session belowdeck, was singer Keeba Tamas, in her premiere performance at the Queen of Hearts.

And with Keeba was a band of tiny musicians, from Raglan Shire, whom along with their music entertained the crowd through their wisecracks. They included ButtercupBunny, Morton Wheels, and Snow Scarman.

And what's the way to a tiny's heart, at least a Raglan Shire tiny?: waffles.

At 4PM came a "Special Treat" - pianist Louis Landon came on stage, also for his first performance at Mystery. After a quick restart of the stream, he performed for the crowd, tickling the ivories to its applause.

And at 5, last but far from least, came the ever-popular Debi Latte, known for her velvet voice and singing a wide range of popular tunes, and for Tygeria tipping her jar so it keeps ending up on "69," or in her words "Debi has a naughty tip jar."

It was a great series of performances to celebrate Mystery's Sixth Anniversary week. And now, the sim and it's Queen of Hearts riverboat club move on to bring on a seventh year of bringing some of the best in live music, along with some top DJs, to Second Life.

Bixyl Shuftan

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