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The Queen of Hearts
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Candyland Factory Ride at Conundrum

Mystery's sister sim, Conundrum, has a new attraction: the Candyland Factory Ride.

Go through the entrance and down the stairs, following the arrows.

You soon come to the chocolate river, and a boat. Each carries just two, the right size for a couple on a date. For larger groups, such as here, another will rezz after the first one is taken.

And once on, the journey begins into a magical land.

An underground candy factory, but no funny plump little men here.

Instead, the goodies are made by little teddy bears.

Away from the river ride, the bears work away.

The river soon ends at a pier.

Going past the last exhibit, it isn't long before you find the stairway back to the surface.

The Candyland ride is at Anchorage at the Conundrum sim (84, 144, 26)

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