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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The 9/11 Memorial Vigil at Mystery

A number of places in Second Life had events or memorials of some kind devoted to the tragic events on September 11 ten years ago. Among them was the Queen of Hearts riverboat club in Mystery, whose normally happy atmosphere took on a somber tone that day. Manager Amythe Moonlight and her husband DJ Bloodrose Writer, along with several other staff members and some guests, held a memorial vigil in honor of those killed.

Welcome to our memorial vigil for those who lost their lives during the events of 9/11/2011. We take this time today to remember those who were lost in the tragedy, those who lost their lives in trying to rescue others and also all those who have died in the name of or in the service of their country. If you have a memory of someone dear to you, or a memory of the day itself that you wish to share with us we are here to listen. Or if you wish to reflect in silence then please do so.

Upon entering, people were given a lit candle to hold, and a 9/11 Remembrance Titler, which displayed the names of the fallen from that day. Bloodrose had the airwaves, playing musical tributes and speeches, and narrating both in voice and type. Following a recording of Martin Luther King’s “We Shall Overcome” speech, “No words other that those by Dr King can sum up what we feel. Ten years later, there are still some questions and mystery on what happened and why. Many have theories, but evil is evil, and the attack upon the helpless was a woeful and dishonorable act. And though time passes and for some memories fade. But justice and right, like a phoenix, was reborn from the ashes, and will soar to heights not seen before. Not America or American, not New Yorkers or those losing loved ones, but HUMANITY will become and has become stronger. But we must never forget, or we will be dammed to repeat it.”

A variety of songs were played, from the mournful “I Will Remember You” by Laura Pausini & Andrea Bocelli, to the defiant “Don’t Tread on Me” by Metalica. After a few songs, Bloodrose commented, “Many years ago, before the tragedy, A lady had a dream to be a singer. She worked toward this, and she & her husband had it as a goal. All she did was to improve her voice and learn how to sing. On September 11th, she lost her husband her main cheerleader and father to her daughter. She then recorded a song.” And then a woman’s voice began singing.

“This is your club owner Alexis 'Tygeria Mirabeau,’ “ Bloodrose told, “who cannot be with us today. But she thanks all of those who remember. We will always remember, never forget that day. Remember but grow from it. Embrace life. And remember those who are trapped still in the moment of loss. They are about you. You see them daily and may never know. Treat them as you would like to be treated. And together we will raise the humanitarian level of all life.”

“This is the first year the owner has given permission to speak on her story,” he would explain later, “She is at the unveiling of the memorial and will bestow her blessings on all and thanks from her and her daughter to you all for not forgetting and remembering.”

Songs continued to play, from Garth Brooks song in response to 9/11, to recordings of President Bush, to “Amazing Grace,” to “Freedom’s Never Free.” An Emileanne Resident came by, was silent for a while, then spoke, “I came to remember those that were lost that day. I am sorry I cannot stay longer but I will return later to continue the remembrance. ... And with each and everyone here. God bless you all.” She would later return.

Bloodrose continued, “In a moment, our world changed. But let it not be of sorrow eternal, but begin again the lifting of humans to the noble and strong position to help all of man. No matter if the tragedy is fire, flood, storms, poverty, hunger, medical affliction, or whatever you can fill in, to lift all to a place of safety peace and stability. Some of us lost loved ones, and can never forget. But, life continues. And if we do not learn from this, we will forever be trapped in that moment, and all the people, all families, all the rescuers, all the soldiers, who list their lives that day and subsequent days, would have done it all in vain. And we will be doomed to relearn what we have not learned in a tragedy yet again. I look around, and see many types of people and so ay emotions. Please, speak at will, all of you. This is for all of us. Speak when the spirit moves you. Do not be shy. If you wish to dance you may. If you wish to stand, you may. However you remember, just remember, and share if you can.

Star Meredith, after coming and standing in remembrance for a while, spoke, “I must go, but god bless everyone and this nation that was brought closer together by a tragedy that was so senseless and no one could imagine would ever hit us on our soil.”

Amy soon followed, “As we stand here today reflecting on those who have been lost may we stand as a symbol of lasting remembrance. Those who have left us too soon are not forgotten for those who have touched our lives live on in us each day in our thoughts and memories. As we think of not only those we knew but also those known by others let us keep them all dear in our hearts not just today but every day. If you have a memory of someone dear to you , or a memory of the day itself that you wish to share with us we are here to listen.”

While the airwaves played Johnny Cash’s “Ragged Old Flag,”Avnee Legion told her story, “I'll never forget that day. I watched the whole thing on TV, black and white TV no less… my partner at the time was in Israel and he called to tell me to switch the TV on. Couldn't believe what I was witnessing, there in real time. I didn't lose anyone I knew directly, nor anyone in my immediate life on that day, but we all share that experience anyway. How can we not. Nothing will ever be the same, time gets measured before and after 9/11. My thoughts and prayers are with the souls who lost their right to life, to the families who go on without them.”

Bloodrose commented again, “One day we as a species, will rise up and tragedies and atrocities will be a whisper in the darkness and a lesson to to teach as the dark ages of this century that we as one voice will shout,' It will never happen again!!'”

As the song “One More Day” played, Amy gave her story, “I'm not American but I was indirectly involved with the events of 9/11. I was online playing a game when the news broke. One of the young boys who played sent me a frantic IM. I often played the game with him and his father. I knew him as ‘Hunter’ Hunter was 10 years old and he was terribly afraid.”

“His father was in the Pentagon and was not answering the phone. His mother and grandmother were panic-stricken and crying and could not talk to him. He was terrified. I sat and listened to him as he described to me what he could see on TV. Pictures of the plane strike on the Pentagon and the devastation. he told me what his family were saying - they had forgotten he was there. They could not reach his father at all and his mother was grief stricken. He felt alone and frightened and their words frightened him more. He kept saying ‘I don't know what to do . What do I do. How do I help my mother?’ "

“We talked for 3 hours while his family cried and screamed in the background as the horrors of the tragedy unfolded. His fears poured out of him as more and more about what had happened was discovered. One picture showed that the part of the Pentagon his father worked in had taken a direct hit. He was frantic though doing his best to be brave for his mother. After a few harrowing hours he said with great dignity, ‘Thank you for listening to me. You helped so much but I must go and comfort my mother now,’ and he left.”

“I sat and cried for many hours. My heart went out to the young boy who was facing now being the man of the family. Although I did not personally lose anyone on that tragic day I lived that day through the eyes of a frightened child. The word got around that I had stayed with the boy and listened. In the following days others who lost people came to me with their stories and I heard so many harrowing tales of family lost on the aircraft and in the buildings. Each story touched my heart and still does. I will never forget that day or the people I met the lives of whom it altered forever.”

Bloodrose spoke, “The planes struck and towers fell,but that did not end the tragedy Thousands of rescuers still suffer for their service there. Their efforts both wonderful in finding survivors and not so in finding bodies. Robbed in their strength and their minds each and every day, we remember and praise their works and sacrifices!!”

Acrison Ronin then gave his story, “I was 13 when the attacks occurred. I knew no one at the time that had lost anyone in the attacks. I was in school (8th grade) and we weren't told what had happened until about Noon. That day though was the day I decided to enlist in military when old enough.

More songs played, “We Are the World,” John Lennon’s “Imagine,” and others. As Ray Charles’ “America the Beautiful” played, Bloodrose asked all, “As we remember, where were you when these events happened and what did you feel? Ten years later, How do you feel today?”

Evalynn Huet spoke, “During those 10 years, I made it a point to raise my children with respect for others, without hatred, and with a vengeance for freedom. Only my eldest two remember that day. And it has changed them too. One served for freedom this year, in Afghanistan. She learned the hard way, that this isn't easy. Ten years ago, I thought I could protect my children from evil. That day it became painstakingly clear that nobody can. The attacks didn't change just the US, it changed the world. And it's up to all of us to fight back and show we care, we survive and will make the world better.”

After two and a half hours, Bloodrose announced, “We are about to conclude our services. As always, the motions shared and unshared were felt and witnessed by the Queen of Hearts itself. The sadness, rage,a nd fear, spoken and not spoken was lifted to her mighty decks and for a moment lit the world of real and Second Life for a moment. Our legacy on what we experienced on 9-11 and today is to make the light of hope for humanity, become a beacon that guides our way in all worlds. September 11 2001 was not the end of humanity but its new beginning, and let it begin with me and all gathered here. As we think of not only of those we know who were lost or affected by 9/11 but also those known by others let us keep them all dear in our hearts not just today but every day.”

As the airwaves broadcasted Celine Dion’s rendition of “God Bless America,” colorful fireworks sprinkled the air inside the club, and Amy followed Bloodrose, “Let us remember and grow, stronger and wiser, compassionate and resolute, standing for freedom and justice. So that all was that lost becomes a beacon for what will be, now in our hearts in our future and in our hope and determination. We will not forget.”

MsPayton Gabe, “Everyone at the Queen of Hearts. Thank you for the chance to member, and thank you for the fellowship. As usual My Brother Bloodrose you kept our minds on the ones we cannot nor should forget.”

Bloodrose looked to the staff whom were there, “Remember all my Royal Hearts, to remember is good to prevent it from reoccurring, but remember to live! Embrace life, the moment, with your friends and loved ones. With that said,” he offered a hand to his wife Amy, who took it and smiles, “Remember all, but LIVE!!”

The vigil came to a close soon after, those participating either departing the Grid for real life, or heading elsewhere on the Grid where other tributes still went on. But the memories here would stay with all whom were here.

Bixyl Shuftan

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