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The Queen of Hearts is a riverboat romance club moored in the beautiful Love Harbor on the sim of Mystery. With live DJ events daily and Live music every other week in addition to a beautiful and enticing sim to explore we hope you will enjoy your stay on Mystery!

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The Queen of Hearts
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Help Wanted: Waitress at the Queen of Hearts Club

We currently hold Jazz dinner events every other Friday. We have waitresses to serve the food and drinks at the table and hold conversation with the guests. This is a roleplay duty and is of a formal type.

e.g John Jones will be addressed as Mister Jones or sir and Millie Peters will be addressed as Miss( or Mrs) Peters or ma'am.


Events are currently run at:

3pm - 5pm every other Friday

Other events may be run on an occasional basis or added to the schedule as regular slots in the future.

If you are available only to waitress occasionally contact us and we will chat about the possibilities.


If you are interested but have never tried this kind of work before do not worry. Apply and tell us why you are interested.



Second Life Name:

Time Zone:

Second Life birth date :

Male or Female( Avatar ):

Do you Speak Fluent English?

Do you speak other languages?

Have you worked as a waitress or host before: and if so where?

Do you have any roleplay experience?

Are you available on a Friday from 2.30-5.15

Are there any other times you could be regularly available for if we add further events?

What days and times( slt ) are you usually online and available for a training session

Why would you like to work at The Queen of Hearts Club?

What do you think you could offer us?

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?


*****Please fill out and place on a notecard in Second Life, name "Waitress Application Form (Your Name), then drop the card on Amythe Moonlight's Profile.

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