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The Queen of Hearts is a riverboat romance club moored in the beautiful Love Harbor on the sim of Mystery. With live DJ events daily and Live music every other week in addition to a beautiful and enticing sim to explore we hope you will enjoy your stay on Mystery!

The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jazz Dinner Dance at the Queen of Hearts

On Saturday July 23rd, there was a small change of pace at the Queen of Hearts Riverboat Club. Long a place for music and dance, there was something new that night: dinner. The club held it’s first dinner dance.

Join us tonight at 3 PM for our first Dinner Dance! a 3 course meal with waitress service and DJ BLOODROSE WRITER playing Jazz and taking your requests! 500L$ on the board for best dressed in semi formal or cocktail wear. Come on down at 3pm and take our seats by the dance floor!

And at 3 PM, guests began arriving. Amythe Moonlight, acting as waitress, asked them to take a seat. Bloodrose Writer, the DJ, played a selection of Jazz music. Amy asked each of the guests to check the menu, and offered one from a selection of drinks, both alcoholic and not. Not long afterwards, she would ask them what dinner they would like, which could be spaghetti, fish, or steak. Later in the evening, desert was offered, which could be ice cream, flavored ice, or cake.

Standing prominently in the back of the club, a plaque of a jazz musician with saxophone had been been placed. In front of it were a wooden box of quality cigars and fine liquor in a fancy circle-shaped bottle. Guests were invited to partake of them if they desired.

Guests were invited to get up to dance, and some did, swaying to Bloodrose’s Jazz tunes. For about two hours, the music was played, and the food and drink were served before all wished each other well and departed the ship.

There are plans for more dinner dances in the future. So keep an eye on news bulletins for more.

Bixyl Shuftan

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